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Lean Andon IIoT System

Improvinn Efficiency System

Using different management philosophies like Toyota Production System (Lean), Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Total Quality Management (TQM) we created Improvinn Efficiency System.

Improvinn is a system for increasing productivity, finding hidden capacity, decreasing the lead time and reengineering business processes.

All processes of your factory in your smartphone

If you want to know the cycle time for all of your processes, we can show them in real time in your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV.

All the processes can be recorded, measured and improved.

Improvinn IoT is a platform for increasing the efficiency, improving the quality and remote monitoring of the operations.

Improvinn IoT Platform delivers:

1. Devices for collecting data for the operations and events.

2. Gateways for collecting data from the devices.

3. Internet Platform for visualizing data to your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV in real time.

4. Ready templates for statistics and fast reports.

5. Sending emails and sms for a certain event. For example big downtime for Machine 1.

6. Sending emails for cycle times of the operations at the end of the day.

Processes Control

Real cycle time control.

Lead time control.

Controling utilization of resources.

Controlling quality of production.

Enhanced visibility directly on your smartphone

You can see in real time if an order could be delayed and you can take preventive actions.

You can see which station how much is producing.

Real data for the downtimes of the machines.

Measring the OEE in real time.

All the data can be shown on a TV in the shop floor.

Possible integration between Improvinn IoT Platform and your ERP.

Reporting events

- High temperature

- Big pressure

- High moisture

- Slow cycle time

- Deffects and many others...

Reporting these events could save you a lot of time and money.

All the data are colleted in Improvinn IoT Platform and could be analyze for improving the efficiency.

Expected Results

All orders are ready on time.

Dramatically decreasing the lead time.

Increasing the net profit.

Improving the quality.

Produce more with less people.

Improvinn Lean Andon IIoT System - Scheme pdf

Device Price, EUR Monthly fee, EUR
Smart Button Bluetooth 30 10
IIoT Gate up to 50 devices 250 50
IIoT Gate up to 100 devices 350 75
IIoT Platform Server Installation 250 100

All prices are without VAT


Removing the waste

Analyzing the waste in the processes and creating a plan to remove them.

Identifying the Constraint

The Constraint is the thing which is blocking the company to make more money.

Increasing the net profit

After removing the wastes and focusing on the constraint of the company it will be very easy to increase the net profit.

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